McDonald's Strawless Lids Are Now Permanent, So How Can I Drink My Coke Float?

IMAGE McDonald's Philippines

McDonald's Philippines is going to transition all of its stores across the Philippines to offer strawless lids for its iced beverages, making them the first quick-service restaurant giant to go strawless for ice-cold drinks. This is part of McDonald's Green & Good initiative to reduce waste by lessening the need for plastic straws, all while thinking of making the customer experience convenient.


The strawless lids will be offered for all of McDonald's iced beverages, even for iced coffee. Do note that plastic straws will still be offered, especially for drinks that need a straw such as Coke McFloat, McCafe Coffe Float, Chocolate Shake, and Strawberry Shake. Of course, if you already have a reusable straw at hand, you can opt not to get a plastic straw anymore.

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"The adoption of strawless lids is part of our commitment to be better for the environment. We recognize the role we play and the impact we can make by committing to innovate and scale initiatives that reduce waste. By making strawless lids permanent, waste reduction, one less straw at a time becomes something that our customers can easily integrate to their experience at McDonald's," says McDonald's Philippines President & CEO Kenneth S. Yang.

McDonald's Philippines started this greener initiative by limiting its straw distribution back in 2018. They also opened Green & Good flagship stores that use eco-bricks, solar rooftop panels, bike racks, bike-and-dine areas, and e-charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters.


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