Your Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Will Soon Be Available

Which toys do you think will be included?

IMAGE McDonald's

What was your favorite Happy Meal toy when you were a kid? Scrolling through throwback photos of these toys, like the Disney figurines, Hot Wheels toy cars, Hello Kitty stuff toys, Sega Game Boys, and Snoopy figurines always make the inner kid in us feel giddy and nostalgic. Now, you can collect them all over again because McDonald's is introducing the limited-edition Surprise Happy Meal which will have the most popular Happy Meal toys for the last four decades.


Starting November 21, you can go to McDonald's and unbox the fourteen of the most memorable Happy Meal toys over the past 40 years. Part of the fun is that you won't know what you'll get nor can you choose which toy because all fourteen toys will be placed in a blind bag.

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Which toys will be included? McDonald's will be giving a sneak peak of the toy designs soon and the Surprise Happy Meal will be available until supplies last.

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