This Trending McDonald's Hack On TikTok Is A Must-Try For Fries + Sundae Fans

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A McDonald's hack that's been trending on TikTok for the past few days takes the classic salty fries-sweet sundae combination to another level. This time, the salty-sweet snack comes in a bigger size that's either good for a solo-snacking session or for sharing.

Explained: McDo Hacks Sundae And Fries

The McDonald's hack goes like this: you order a large McDonald's French Fries (P86) and then you (kindly) ask the cashier to serve it, not in a the iconic red box, but in a bowl, the same one they use for their rice bowls. Some TikTok videos have mentioned that they needed to pay extra for the container, but in our case, it was free. It was marked as "Gravy Refill."

Once all the French Fries are in the bowl, you can order the Hot Fudge Sundae (P39) and ask (always kindly) the cashier or the server to top your bowl of French Fries with the soft serve ice cream order. This results in a Hot Fudge Sundae on a bed of McDonald's French Fries, all for the total cost of P125.

@cathrena.chen Is it just me? But I find this combo yummy! ???????? #ViralFoodTrend #CathCreations #fyp? #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshacks #foodhacks #FoodiePH #fries #icecream #foodtrend #foodtiktok #fyp #foodcombo #viral ? Originalton - .

If you're asking yourself, "How do I eat it?" The answer is you eat it the same way you would eat nachos! Each bite of the salted fries should have a bit of the vanilla soft serve and the chocolate fudge. And in between bites, you can either eat the fries or the sundae on its own, so hindi nakakaumay!

The trending McDonald's hack is pretty simple, ingenious even. We're now curious if this will birth other creative hacks, be it for McDonald's or for other fast food establishments!


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