It’s True: McDonald’s Twister Fries Are Officially Back On The Menu!

Other favorites are back, too!

It's clearly been too long since any of us indulged in McDonald's Twister Fries. Thankfully, this crowd favorite is making a comeback to the menu, together with McDonald's Japanese burgers and a new McFreeze float. 

Photo by McDonald's Philippines

It was only a few months ago, specifically during Japan's cherry blossom season, that McDonald's introduced the Flavors of Japan that offered the Ebi Burger, Teriyaki Samurai Burger, and a Strawberry Sakura McFloat. This time around, they're bringing the burgers back and replacing the Cherry Blossom Float with something more autumn-appropriate. Meet the new Fuji Apple McFreeze, a sweet, icy, cool red apple-flavored frozen soft drink that you can pair with your burger and Twister fries.

Photo by McDonald's Philippines official Facebook
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Add Twister Fries to your order instead of the regular fries for a change! This snack is seasoned, crispy, golden curly fries that are made from quality potatoes. You can try adding pieces of the Twister Fries and place it inside your Ebi Burger or Teriyaki Samurai Burger-or you can even try solely pairing it with the Fuji Apple McFreeze and discover if the saltiness of the fries pairs well with the sweetness of the float.


McDonald's Flavors of Japan and Twister Fries are now available in McDonald's stores nationwide for a limited time only.

For more information, follow McDonald's Philippines on Facebook.

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