This Cafe Offers Melona-Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream!

Bring on the heat!

There's no arguing that Korea's music, television series, fashion, and even, food continue to make a huge impact in the Philippines. We've come to crave Korean Barbecue often followed by a bottle of soju and Yakult bomb, and of course, their desserts!

It's a creamier version of Melona!
Photo by Black Scoop

A popular Korean ice cream that has gone beyond small Korean groceries and into bigger local supermarkets is Binggrae's Melona. If you're a big fan of the fruity and milky Melona popsicles, then you will be happy to know that Black Scoop Cafe, who is slowly making a name for itself in the milk tea and soft serve biz, now offers a classic Melona Honeydew-flavored Soft Serve (P120)!

Black Scoop Cafe's Melona Soft Serve will be available starting May 20, 2019 at their Maginhawa branch at 101 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City. 

For more information, follow Black Scoop Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.


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