Woah, This Buko Pie Ice Cream Has Macapuno + Chunks Of Pie Crust In It!

IMAGE Merry Moo

Merry Moo, a local creamery, is celebrating Buwan Ng Wika with the addition of two new flavors to their Proudly Pinoy flavor family. If you're looking for a unique ice cream flavor to try this month, you should grab a pint of Merry Moo's new Buko Pie and Turon ice cream.

The Buko Pie ice cream (P145/100ml, P420/473ml) is basically an ice cream version of the popular buko pie. It's made with a sweet coconut ice cream for its base, then mixed with young macapuno strips and chunky pie crust. Yes, it has buko pie crust mixed in!

Merry Moo's Turon Ice Cream has otap bits!
Photo by Merry Moo

Merry Moo is also taking a turon-inspired ice cream to the next level! Their new Turon ice cream (P145/100ml, P420/473ml) also uses a sweet cream for the base, and then it's mixed with banana chips, otap bits, and swirled with langka jam. 

Merry Moo's Buko Pie and Turon ice cream are available via their website.


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