Merry Moo Just Came Out With A Vanilla + Chili Sauce Ice Cream Flavor

IMAGE courtesy of Merry Moo

If you're always up for a new food adventure, local ice cream brand Merry Moo just came out with a limited-edition ice cream for Chinese New Year: Brace yourself for the new Chili Crisp Ice Cream.

Sweet vanilla ice cream is lightly mixed with Chinese chili sauce (there's bits of Sichuan pepper and crunchy caramel on top!) for an ice cream experience that's not like your usual frozen treat. Before you dismiss it as a too-spicy treat, the spicy kick comes in a light wave. It's not too sweet, not too spicy, with hints of sweet vanilla and sweet-spicy flavors that tease. It's an acquired taste, for sure.

Photo by Merry Moo

Merry Moo only made 21 pints of this limited edition flavor, now available via their website:


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