This Is The Ramen You Have Been Waiting For

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If you love ramen, you will be glad to know that the first ramen house to be awarded a Michelin star is finally here. Tsuta Ramen opened its doors to the public last December 16, and its ramen is as special as it is incredibly delicious.


Only three variants of ramen are on the menu: the Shoyu (P390), the Miso (P390), and the Shio (P410) ramens. Each basic order comes with a Char Sui slice, but you can always opt to have more slices or add a flavored egg, an egg cooked for six minutes in a flavorful broth to ensure it's perfectly soft boiled every time.




The Miso Ramen consists of a slice of Char Siu, sweet corn, red onion, bean sprouts, hot sauce, porcini mushroom oil, and watercress. 


While all this sounds rather normal, it's the purees Chef Onishi Yuki adds on top of each variant and the broth itself that elevates each bowl from ordinary to mouthwateringly delicious.


Unlike broths of most ramen places, the broth Tsuta Ramen makes for all its ramen bowls is made with chicken, giving it a lighter mouthfeel that doesn't leave a heavy feeling when consumed. Both the Shio and Miso ramen variants are served with this chicken ramen while a special mix of broths make up the Shoyu. It's a signature ramen broth that mixes 3 different broths: its original chicken broth, a vegetable, and an asari clam broth. It's this combo, plus the leek and truffle puree in truffle oil added on top, that makes the Shoyu a definite must-try.

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The Shio Ramen has a slice of Char Siu, bamboo shoot, leek and green olives puree in truffle oil. 


The Shio meanwhile is paired with leek and green olives pureed in truffle oil added that you can stir into the broth and the Miso has a Porcini mushroom oil drizzled over each bowl.



With such flavors swimming in just one bowl, you know you're going to be slurping a truly tasty and appetizing bowl of ramen every time.




Tsuta Ramen is open from 11:30 AM and until supplies last. located at UG/F C3 Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave. corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.




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Jul 22, 2011


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