8 No-Fail Delicious Milk Tea Combos You Need To Try

What should you add to your cup of milk tea?

If you’ve been enjoying the milk tea wave for a while now, you’ve most likely figured out your go-to milk tea concoction by now. You know what milk tea flavor you want, how sweet you want it to be, what sinkers to add and other add-ons worth splurging on, and even, how much ice you want to add.

As passionate milk tea drinkers, there’s nothing wrong with going with what we are used to–but exploring the vast milk tea combos can both be fun and rewarding. Who knows, you just might find a new favorite to add to your list!

For your next milk tea craving, here are other combinations you should try:

1 Classic Milk Tea + Coffee Jelly + Ice Cream

What happens when you combine classic milk tea, coffee jelly, and a scoop of ice cream? You get the goodness of milk tea float and an affogato. Since the coffee jelly and ice cream are sweet, you may opt to lower the sugar level of the milk tea.

Xing Fu Tang is famous for their brown sugar milk tea.
Photo by from Xing Fu Tang

2 Brown Sugar Milk Tea + Cheese Cream + Pudding

The latest milk tea trend to capture our hearts is the brown sugar milk tea. It tastes comfortingly familiar because of the arnibal syrup that’s used in taho. If you haven’t tried it out, you can tame the strong caramelly flavor of the brown sugar with salty cream and pudding.


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3 Wintermelon Milk Tea + Tapioca Pearls + Salty Cream

Without the added sugar, wintermelon milk tea already has a distinct sweet caramel flavor. The sweet and milky flavor of this tea can be further heightened with a dollop of salty cream on top. If you want a bit of a chewy texture to nibble on in between drinking your milk tea, you can add tapioca pearls.


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4 Matcha Milk Tea + Red Beans + Nata De Coco

The earthy and bitter notes of matcha pairs perfectly with the sweetness that comes from red beans and nata de coco. During your next milk tea run, try this milk tea and add red beans and sweet nata de coco to give it contrasting textures and complementary flavors.


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5 Taro Milk Tea + Red Beans + Pudding

If you grew up slurping Quickly’s famous taro slushies, then you will likely have a soft spot for taro-flavored milk tea. This variant of milk tea is a pastel purple-colored creamy blend of earthy and sweet flavors.

6 Earl Grey Milk Tea + Grass Jelly + Ice Cream

Earl Grey milk tea with grass jelly are both mainly bitter and have herbal notes. You should try this combination if you’re the type of milk tea fan who appreciates the taste of tea more than sugar.

Go bananas over this milk tea!
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

7 Banana Milk Tea + Nata De Coco

If you love banana-flavored milk, you should definitely try the banana milk tea variant. The notes of tea are mostly overpowered by the strong flavors of banana and milk. For a tropical medley of flavors, you can add cubes of chewy nata de coco to your banana milk tea.

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8 Yakult + Popping Boba

One of the most underrated drinks milk tea shops offer are Yakult beverages. Most of the time, Yakult is mixed in with tropical fruits, like lemon, calamansi, or passion fruit. We highly recommend adding Popping Boba that also has a citrusy juice inside. This doubles as a refreshing summer beverage.


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