You Can Now Add Milk Tea Pearls To Your Iced Coffee!

It's the best of both worlds.

Whenever you need the extra boost to jumpstart the day, there's always good ol' coffee to save the day. If you're craving milky and caffeinated drinks, there's milk tea with boba pearls. We have good news for people who cannot go through a week without these two addicting beverages!

Milk tea fans and coffee fans will love this drink!
Photo by Dunkin Donuts Philippines

Milk tea fans and caffeine junkies can now add chewy milk tea pearls to their cup of iced coffee (P65/medium; P80/large) at Dunkin' Donuts for an additional (P15). It will feel like you are drinking milk tea because of the tapioca pearls, but instead of getting the kick of the caffeine from the milk tea, you get the caffeine boost from the iced coffee!

Dunkin'  Donuts Iced Coffee with Tapioca Pearls is only available in Dunkin' Donuts branches that offer milk tea. For more information, follow Dunkin' Donuts on Facebook.


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