These Milo Nuggets Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

These chocolate malt nuggets bring you back to your childhood!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Remember the good old days when you used to steal a little Milo powder from the pouch straight to your mouth? This malt chocolate drink is a big chunk of our childhood and now, you can have it in bite-sized Milo Nuggets. It's great to stock in your office snack stash or pack it in your bag as a quick snack. You can even be more creative and top off your chocolate or vanilla ice cream with it! Why not add it to the top of your Milo cake for a crunchy twist?


When you bite into this little treats, you first get the chocolate coating that easily melts in your mouth, then the crunchy malt interior. 


Available at Robinsons Supermarket at P22.75 each.


Love Milo? We’ve got you covered!



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