These Mocha and Chocolate V-Day Cakes Won't Cost You More Than P350

You can find these in a convenience store.

IMAGE Facebook/Ministop Philippines

There are several Valentine's Day cakes you can order for the 14th, but most of these can get pretty expensive. If you want something more affordable, Max's Bakery made two Valentine's Day-themed cakes you can find at a convenience store near you.

Photo by Facebook/Ministop Philippines

There's the Choco Fudge Heart Cake (P290), which is a heart-shaped cake made with moist and fudgy chocolate cake, coated with chocolate icing and chocolate shavings, then piped with buttercream flowers on top. The other cake is the Choco Mocha Drip Cake (P335), which is a chocolate cake frosted with a mocha buttercream icing, chocolate ganache dripping from the top and onto the sides of the cake, and then topped with heart-shaped white chocolate.


You can get these Max's Bakery's Choco Fudge Heart Cake (P290) and Choco Mocha Drip Cake (P335) at Ministop stores.


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