All Of These Buy 1 Take 1 Burger Deals Are Under P100

Imagine 2 burgers for just P41!

IMAGE Minute Burger

If you want a budget-friendly, petsa de peligro meal, you can't go wrong with "buy 1, take 1" deals that hit the spot. That's what makes Minute Burger unique in the burger business because it's known for its "buy 1, take 1" combos, and the best news yet is that this is not a promo and it doesn't end


A quick look at the Minute Burger menu tells you it's true! This isn't reserved just for burgers because every sandwich order, not just the burgers, is a "buy 1, take 1" deal! That means you also get two hotdogs when you order a hotdog, too! 

So, if you're on a tight budget but need to satisfy that burger craving, you can definitely get a burger and be busog for just P41 with its Sulit Buy 1 Take 1 Minute Burger, its classic burger patty with the signature dressing between the halves of its super soft burger bun. Want to splurge a little with something extra in your burger? You have the option to add extra Coleslaw for an extra P11, a large egg for P13, or Supreme Cheese for P14.

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Love cheese? The Sulit Buy 1 Take 1 Cheesy Burger (P50) is perfect for its unique ham-flavored cheesy sauce paired with the burger patty. For the more serious cravings, you can even double up on the patties with the Double Minute Burger (P61) or  Double Cheesy Burger (P67)


Want a burger that's beyond basic? Try the popular Bigtime Buy 1 Take 1 Black Pepper Burger (P88) that come with burger patties topped with a peppery sauce and mushrooms between its premium Brioche bun that's made with real butter and eggs. You can also add cheese and bacon to the basic burger for the Bigtime Buy 1 Take 1 Bacon Cheese Burger (P95).


Chicken can be made into a patty, too, and Minute Burger has three kinds to choose from. Its Sulit Buy 1 Take 1 Chicken Time (P48) burger has a signature chicken dressing that gives it a different taste from the Minute burger series. You can also choose either the Veggie Chicken Burger (P83) or the Roasted Sesame Crispy Chicken Burger (P93) if you want more than just a chicken burger patty and dressing between the buns. (We highly recommend the Roasted Sesame order for its crunchy patty and earthy sesame dressing, especially if you add extra Coleslaw and a Large Egg cooked runny.) 



Is your mind blown that you're only finding out about these double burger deals? We were, so easily get over it by getting a double burger now, too. 

Minute Burger Buy 1 Take 1 Burgers are available in its branches for pick up and delivery and also via MB Go! for online orders. Visit its website or Facebook page for more information.  


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