Foodies Share The Most Expensive Grocery Item They Splurged On And Why

Would you splurge on cherries and mushrooms, too?

"Treating yourself" may have changed its meaning in the past few months. For some, it still means an extra serving of dessert but sometimes, it also applies to splurges on grocery items that you wouldn't normally buy. Curious what other people have been splurging on? We asked some foodies on their most expensive grocery purchases: 

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A small bottle of real maple syrup for P950

A few years back, Ian Carandang, the master sorbetero behind Sebastian's Ice Cream, bought himself a tiny bottle of real maple syrup for P950. According to Carandang, the syrup was delicious but he bought it mainly out of curiosity. "I just wanted to know what real maple syrup tasted like and to possibly make it as [an ice cream] flavor." 

Although he can use a maple flavoring extract and people wouldn't be able to notice the difference, he opted to not use any extract for Sebastian's Ice Cream because he doesn't like using artificial flavors.

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Photo by Anh Nhi Lê from Pixabay

A kilogram of fresh shiitake mushrooms for around P,1000

Jasper Castro, former Editorial Assistant of and a self-confessed mushroom fan, bought a kilogram of fresh shiitake mushrooms for more than a thousand pesos at S&R Membership Shopping. She used it to grill and saute to make an umami-packed sauce to toss with pasta.

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A handful of fresh cherries for P350

Catalina Altomonte, brand manager for the Standard Group, treated herself to a handful of fresh cherries for P350. Since fresh cherries are expensive, this handful of plump cherries is her once-a-year treat to herself because she loves fresh cherries. She uses it to use as a topping on cakes, like tres leches, but she loves to use it more on smoothie bowls and yogurt bowls.

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A bottle of Old Bay Seasoning for P1,200

Bea Atienza, home baker and owner of Bellefleur, shares that she bought a huge bottle of Old Bay Seasoning for P1,200. She planned on making crab cakes and needed the specific seasoning to make it, but there weren't smaller options available so she bought the only available size which cost her more than a thousand pesos.

If you're asking the same thing: "Does she still use it?" She says she only uses it ever so often and that there's still a loooot of it left.


200 grams of beef steak for P550

Mel Wong, the owner of the newly-opened Barrel Coffee, wanted to make salpicao and needed tender beef to make it. She splurged on beef tenderloin which costs P550 not realizing that it only weighed 200 grams. She says that she just added extra mushrooms to make her salpicao more filling.

How about you? What are your splurges in the supermarket?



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