Meet The Lady Behind The Viral Office Cooking Hacks

See through Ms Yeah's creative eyes.

IMAGE Courtesy of Ms Yeah

You've probably come across Ms Yeah in one of her viral videos, cooking up a storm, using DIY tools and appliances made from office supplies. From her first video of cooking beef slices with an iron, nowadays, she's been using molecular gastronomy-still in the most unconventional ways! Ms Yeah's fascinating channel may not be filled with recipes you can actually faithfully recreate, but it's one never fails to strike you with wonder, and inspire you to be more creative in your own setting.

In this photo, Ms Yeah cooks up some barbecue using the office heater. How far will you go for barbecue?
Photo by Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Ms Yeah began like any of us home cooks, learning from her parents. Aside from learning braised pork belly and a whole lot of other dishes from her father though, what was more important was his drive to "keep improving." Improve she did. She began to learn on her own whatever interested her, devouring any food-related information she got her hands on.

Is it possible to make cotton candy without a cotton candy maker? Yeah, it is.
Photo by Courtesy of Discovery Channel
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Ms Yea recollects, that when she was young, all she cooked was, "scrambled eggs and tomatoes." To date, she describes the most difficult episode they had to film: Episode 79, "DIY Knife-cut Noodle Robot Chef in Office". In that episode, it was more than just about cooking, but also engineering, and industrial design.

That right there is a CPU unit being used to cook Chinese crepes.
Photo by Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Ms Yeah On Cooking At The Office

"Good food makes work delightful. It also makes me closer with my colleagues."

We're not all blessed though, with a creative company that lets us cook in the office, all while cutting up and setting alight office items. That shouldn't stop you though from still bringing delicious food at the office which you can heat up in your pantry!

Did you ever think it was possible to make egg rolls with a curling iron?
Photo by Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Ms Yeah On Cooking At Home

Since Ms Yeah works for a living though, it's understandable that when she gets home, she prefers to cook easier dishes. Homey braised pork belly and eggplant with garlic sauce are her go-to recipes. She also relies mostly on five most common ingredients in Sichuan cuisine: "Chili, Laoganma (a chili sauce paste), noodles, pork, and eggs."

Ms Yeah On How She Hopes To Affect Us

"A creative attitude towards life and I also hope they could enjoy a free life."

What we love most about watching Ms Yeah's videos is that she shows us possibilities. We might never ever use the company office's water dispenser to cook hotpot, but it does make us look at normal, everyday things with new eyes. Suddenly, there's so much more we can do!

Beauty and The Feast airs on Discovery Channel every Monday at 7:20 p.m.



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