Sushi Bake Meets Musubi On This SPAM And Rice Bun

SPAM on a rice burger? Sign us up!

Popular quarantine treat sushi bake is known for its deconstructed nature: Layers of rice, sashimi, and sauce piled neatly into a tray, and made to be scooped onto a nori sheet for a big bite of sushi that's as indulgent as it is satisfying. If you're already on the hunt for another variation of the dish to order for the weekend, we found a unique twist on sushi bake that's worth a try: Musubake's Musu Buns!


As its name suggests, Musu Buns are inspired by popular Japanese snack musubi, which features a slice of SPAM laid on a block of rice and wrapped in nori. The Musu Buns are actually a sandwich version of Musubake's bestselling SPAM bake called the Spammageddon, which is composed of SPAM teriyaki, egg, and two kinds of cheese. You'll find these same ingredients in the Musu Bun, but this time, sandwiched between two burger-shaped buns made of Japanese rice. It's topped with SPAM flakes for extra flavor and meaty goodness and sprinkled with some nori flakes for just a dash of that signature sushi bake flavor. You'll love the handy, bite-sized treats for quick, everyday snacking. Plus, it's hard to resist that compact, IG-worthy presentation!

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You can get a box of six Musu Buns for P495. Here's a closer look at the mouth-watering treat:

Photo by Instagram/musubake

You can order Musubake's Musu Buns by sending a message to their Instagram page or contacting them through Viber at (0977)-825-4588.


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