Have You Heard Of "Japanese Steak"?

You can find it in Quezon City!

IMAGE Trixie Zabal-Mendoza

If you love perfectly cooked meat, there's a new spot in Quezon City that offers something a little different. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse on Mother Ignacia, Quezon City offers "Japanese steak", which according to chef Michael Santos, are steaks flavored with togarashi salt and Wagyu salt. "It's the salts that add the Japanese flavors."

The steaks come with a sweet barbecue sauce and chimichurri sauce.
Photo by Trixie Zabal-Mendoza

Don't be scared of overly-flavored meats, though. Chef Santos, who worked with French chef Cyrille Soenen, is a fan of clean flavors so your plate of meat will still taste like steak. "We just accentuate the clean flavors of your protein. I can eat steak every day. The way I cook steaks here is how I'd cook for my family," he shares. And that enough is a promise that you'll get quality food. "We cook it on low heat, just enough for the salts and the pepper to break down [and flavor the meat]."

You can choose the steak cuts prior to cooking.
Photo by Trixie Zabal-Mendoza
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Which steak should you order?

The Tenderloin Steak (P525) is pan-seared while everything else is grilled and finished in the oven. The Striploin has the beefy taste of Angus beef and the fatty goodness of Ribeye, while their Wagyu Ribeye (P650 per 100 grams) is a cross between the Wagyu's rich fat marbling and fatty flavors of the Ribeye. If you want a thick cut, the Tomahawk (P495 per 100 grams) is always out to impress with its heft. The steaks are wet aged and priced per 100 grams.

You can also find other Japanese-Latin dishes: the Shiitake Pasta (P295) is pretty good, with a mix between umami and sweet flavors, and the Togarashi Shrimp (P495) is a satisfying appetizer with big flavored skewered shrimp seasoned just right. Don't skip the Garlic crabs, too. "I don't like masking the taste of meat or food," chef Santos adds. You're definitely in for a flavoful meal. 


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