The Story Behind The Giant Choc Nut In Netflix's Trese

"Release the Trese bar!"

ILLUSTRATOR Presslee Olazo

Are you too wondering where you can get your hands on a giant Choc Nut bar? The Choc Nut bar you see in the Netflix anime Trese is a bribe, a gift, from the show's main character to a sewer-dwelling creature named Nuno, and it's much bigger than any Choc Nut we have ever seen.  

If you haven't seen it yet, Trese is a Netflix Original Anime series based on the graphic novels created by Budjette Tan and KaJO Baldisimo, and is directed by Jay Oliva. Co-executive producer Tanya Yuson also served as the series writer. 

It brings the different mythological creatures in local Philippine folklore to the screen. The main character, Alexandra Trese, is voiced in Filipino by local actress Liza Soberano and English by Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars. 

The first episode is where you will first get a glimpse of this giant Choc Nut. The sheer size of the Choc Nut is what has people talking, wondering, and hoping. 


Why Choc Nut? 

"It was the bribe offering given by Alexandra and hearing stories from relatives and other people that to appease the supernatural, especially the dwende, you have to give them something sweet. It just made sense that Choc Nut was what was being offered," said Tan about the comics. Nuno is an earth elemental, but the belief is applied to most mythological creatures. "The basic thought is that if you want to get a favor or if you don't want them to bother you, you give them something sweet." 

However, he also said that in other Trese stories, Trese began to offer different kinds of chocolate. "At a certain point, one of the dwende even told Trese, "Oh, is this chocolate from Duty Free? You have more class than your father," he said. 

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In the show, the use of Choc Nut is a nod or homage to Philippine pop culture icons. There were however changes made in its representation in the show. Yuson said, "They're not exact replicas but people just glom on to them right away and identify it for what it is. That kind of candy like Choc Nut or Hany is something that is ubiquitous in our culture, so we keyed it in." 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

Is there really a Choc Nut that big? 

According to Oliva, there isn't. The idea behind the giant Choc Nut was intentional. Yuson explains, "As a nod, you don't do the exact product in it, because it's not really a product placement at all. It's like really what it is." However, these changes are what everyone is talking about! 


"We changed it, We didn't want to get in trouble (with Choc Nut), so (we can say) Well, you don't have bars this big!" said Oliva. 

However, a tweet from Yvette Tan, Agriculture Section Editor of The Manila Bulletin, said that there was once a "giant bar" of Choc Nut but the company stopped making it because of structural issues. It kept on falling apart.   


Yuson also said¬†she, Yvette Tan, and ChocNut¬ģ Spread had an¬†ongoing Twitter conversation about how to make this Choc Nut bar a reality.¬†

Can we expect a giant Choc Nut bar in the future? 

"I would buy that chocolate bar,' said Yuson. "Release the Trese bar!" 


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