First Look: The New Unimart at Greenhills Shopping Center

This supermarket has everything you could possible need!

IMAGE Cat Altomonte

Shoppers who frequent the iconic supermarket of Greenhills, Unimart, are in for a treat: its relocation project has finally been completed! The new Unimart, located along Club Filipino Ave. which is just around the corner from its old location, opened its doors to the public on Sunday, July 2, 2017. 


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Unimart has always been known for having a wide selection of products, from your regular grocery go-tos, to home and hardware needs. The new branch is, if not the same, even better. Not only has it been given an updated look from its late ‘60s branding, but the new Unimart is complete with a good mix of both local and imported goods, and its shelves are organized well to help shoppers in finding what they need quickly.


Here is a first look at the new Unimart—it’s impossible to not get a kick out of a grocery shopping trip here!



Fruit and vegetables are fresh and kept crisp in brand-new coolers. There are lots of local leafy greens, plump tropical fruit, and even hard-to-find cherries and stone fruit in their chillers.



Beef, pork, and poultry are kept in separate sections of Unimart’s extensive meat aisle. Pre-cut and packaged meats are available, but you can also approach the butchers to cut your meats however you prefer them on-the-spot.


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Plus, we have a few important meat shopping tips for your next trip!


Deli Corner and Wine Cellar

A separate trip is no longer needed for your deli needs—pick up your favorite cold cuts or cured meats at the deli corner located on the far end of the produce aisle, and grab a bottle of vino on your way out from the wine cellar.



Home and Garden

Find your basic home and garden care needs in this section of the supermarket. There are also kitchen supplies, school supplies, and a hardware corner that can save you a separate trip to the department store. If you can’t find what you need in the supermarket, go up the escalators to Anson’s.






Shop early, or shop on a weekday. The old Unimart will soon be closed, so expect a crowd and long lines at the check-out counters once you make a trip to this new supermarket.



Bring reusable shopping bags. Unimart has yet to switch to brown paper bags in their check-out counters, so minimize plastic waste by bringing your own shopping bag or bayong.



Be patient. Shoppers who frequent this supermarket are loyal, and have been waiting for the new branch to open for quite some time. Wait for your turn when shopping for meat, poultry, produce, and seafood.


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Remember: home-cooked is always better.

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