The New York Times’ Chicken Adobo Recipe: Have You Tried This Version Before?

According to The Times, adobo "holds the power to change moods and alter dining habits."


Screencap from The New York Times



According to The New York Times, adobo is “the national dish of the Philippines, and the subject of intense and delicious debate across its 7,100 islands whether made with chicken, pork or fish.” Their version is a recipe adapted from one that was given to The Times by Amy Besa of the famed Purple Yam restaurant in Brooklyn, New York and now, Manila.


The recipe which uses coconut milk but is still a dish which is mainly based in vinegar. How do you cook your adobo? Have you tried this version yet?


For more adobo recipes, click here.



Main image of chicken adobo by Majoy Siason

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