Actress Nikki Valdez’s Cake Business is Booming: She Has Cake Orders until 2020!

Take a look at some of Miss Buttercream's beautiful cakes.


Actress and accidental baker Nikki Valdez is experiencing sweet success with her baking venture which she named Miss Buttercream. In an Interview with, she shared that she took cake decorating classes but “our instructor, Chef Jackie Ang-Po, injected basic baking lessons in between.”


Her sweet tooth and love for pastries inspired her to start the business. Valdez told, “My interest in baking started decades ago when I was still living in Canada.


I was not able to finish my BS-HRM course in college, so I wanted to take certificate courses in baking, but was not able to do it as well until 2014, when I stumbled upon a brochure for cake decorating in a Living Well branch.”



She started baking for friends and the positive response pushed her to put up Miss Buttercream in 2015. She only had two cake flavors in 2015—classic butter and red velvet cocoa—and three years after, she now has gone beyond making cakes. Her cake prices start at P800. She told, “The most fulfilling part of Miss Buttercream is when our clients send pictures of their celebrations and milestones that we are a part of, and when they go out of their way to send a message of thanks. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing happy clients.”


Here are some of her dreamy, beautiful cakes:







Contact Miss Buttercream at [email protected]


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