This Chicken + Waffles Plate Will Make You Forget About Rice

It's an unusual but delicious pairing!

There are countless ways Filipinos enjoy juicy fried chicken. We can eat with rice, pancit, eat it as is, or pair it with a mug of ice-cold beer. A not so common fried chicken pairing concept for Filipinos? Chicken with waffles. Nono's new Chicken and Waffles will change your mind and win over your rice-loving heart.

Foodies who have a flair for spicy food will love the Sriracha glaze!
Photo by Nono's

Nono's Chicken and Waffles (P345) is the recent addition to their ever-expanding menu. You have the choice of having the crunchy and juicy boneless chicken strips in Nono's Homestyle (original) or the Honey Sriracha glaze. The latter coats the chicken strips in a sweet and spicy flavor-packed glaze which goes well with the chili honey that comes with it. 

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Do not be fooled by Nono's Homestyle Waffles. Yes, it looks like ordinary golden-brown waffles dusted with confectionary sugar. Once you take a bite off of it, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its crunchy and flaky exterior. You usually need to drizzle waffles with maple syrup, but to our surprise, Nono's waffles can also be enjoyed on its own!

Nono's new Parmesan Truffle Fries is served with a paprika aioli dip.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Not enough carbs? Nono's released other dishes the same time they released the Chicken and Waffles. If you plan on dining with a friend, you can share a serving of Nono's new Parmesan Truffle Fries (P255) with each other. These thick-cut fries are tossed in truffle oil and grated Parmesan. The earthiness and garlicky flavor of the Parmesan Truffle Fries pair perfectly with the tangy and spicy paprika aioli dip. 

Go ahead and treat yourself to a plate of chicken and waffles. You deserve it.

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