The Holidays Aren't Complete Without Festive Cakes And These Gorgeous Gift Baskets!

Hooray for the holidays!

What we love about the holidays is the food, more specifically, all the festive food! One dessert that should be on your holiday list is Nono's White Chocolate Cheesecake (P1,150)! This dessert is made with a rich baked cheesecake blended with white chocolate then topped with snow-like large shavings of white chocolate.

Nono's other cakes are just as festive: There's the Double Chocolate Mousse (P895), the Red Velvet Cheesecake (P1,050), the S'mores Tart (P725), and the Snow Cake (P695).

Nono's Holiday Premium Gift Box
Photo by Nono's

The next best thing about the holidays is being given festive food! Nono's has great gift baskets that are perfect for gift-giving! They have the Premium Gift Box (P1,595) that includes Almond Crunch, Pinwheel Cookies, Chocolate Crunch Bites, and Sugar Cookie, with new favorites, Almond Crunch Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Brittle.

How cute are these cookies!
Photo by Nono's
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Nono's also hasan In the Holiday Deluxe Gift Box (P 995), which includes the Almond Crunch, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Covered Cornflakes, and Russian Tea Cookies. The Holiday Gift Bag (P595) includes Almond Crunch, Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, and Sugar Cookies. 

If you're not confident with your flavor-picking skills or if you want the recipient to have the freedom to choose on their own, you can opt for a P500 or P1,000 gift certificates that are available in all Nono's branches.

For more information, visit Nono's official website.

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