Hey ‘90s Kids, Did You Know Nooda Crunch Still Exists?

IMAGE Nooda Crunch from Uni-President | Noodles from Wikipedia

Did you ever eat Nooda Crunch when you were young? If you need a refresher on what this snack is, it's a packet with uncooked noodles and flavored powder inside. The way to consume this is to crush the noodles inside the packet until there are no large chunks, pour in the flavored powder, shake the crushed noodles and flavored powder together, and then pop it in your mouth like chips.

For those of you who don't know, Nooda Crunch still exists and you can probably find it at a 7-Eleven near you (depending on availability, of course!). The only existing flavor in 7-Eleven stores right now is the cheese-flavored one (P13). Don't worry, it still tastes the same and it still feels the same-if you know what we mean!

The Nooda Crunch sold at 7-Eleven doesn't have the exact same packaging from decades ago. If you grew up with this snack, you'll instantly spot it because of how familiar it looks since the logo and color are giveaways.


It's likely that you have a new favorite snack now, but it's sure nice to know that a snack, which we once enjoyed for recess or merienda and shared with our barkada, still exists.

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