Not Really the Most Unlikely Pairing: Whiskey + Chocolate Cake

Go ahead, order a glass with a serving of a well-loved dessert.



We discovered that the Chivas 18 Y.O. works well with dark chocolate flavors and will taste great when paired with a chocolate cake.



“There are no bad whiskies, it’s a question of what different flavors you like. You’ll always find something which you’ll enjoy,” declared Darren Hosie, Chivas Brothers Ltd International Brand Ambassador, at a recent whisky tasting and mentoring session which showcased blended whiskies which included the Chivas Regal 12 Y.O., Chivas Regal 18 Y.O., and Chivas Regal 25 Y.O.

We were curious: can the different whiskey flavors highlight taste profiles of different dishes?

The Chivas 12 Y.O, which has a light vanilla softness and butterscotch and honey-sweet flavors works well with smoked salmon or lighter dishes while the Chivas 18 Y.O pairs well with a chocolate cake because of its spicy, mellow smoky notes.

How to enjoy whiskey at home or when you’re out on a date? Hosie says there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to enjoying whisky:

“You can look at it two ways: you can sit down, and work with a chef and you can pair a dish with the flavors of whiskey, and that’s amazing. Or you can take the other view: you have a great whiskey, you have great food, and they work well together. Whiskey has a huge amount of flavor and you can enjoy it with almost anything.”



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