This #Aesthetic Device Lets You Brew Great Coffee With No Fuss

We love the minimalist design!


With café dates and "coffice" sessions much less accessible-not to mention, much less safe-these days, more and more people are getting into home-brewing, hoping to recreate the same tasty drinks their go-to cafés once offered on a daily basis. In case you, too, are hoping to sharpen your at-home barista skills, you may be slowly building a collection of brewing tools. We recently listed some coffee-making must-haves to help you out, but here's another device we recently found that's perfect for your home coffee nook: The Oceanrich Automatic Drip Coffee Maker from online shop Lavida Coffee could be your new fave brewing machine!

This cool device lets you brew great coffee with ease.
PHOTO BY Lavida Coffee / Lazada

This battery-powered coffee machine is a cross between a classic drip coffee maker and a pour-over brewing method. In case you're unfamiliar, a drip coffee maker heats water directly in the machine and brews coffee by letting the hot water drip through fine grounds and a filter into a glass pot or mug. It's the kind of machine you would find in most homes and is largely considered one of the easiest ways to brew coffee at home.

You've probably seen a drip coffee machine in many of the households you've visited.
PHOTO BY Unsplash/Ronan Furuta
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The pour-over method, on the other hand, employs a similar brewing process, but with a little more nuance. For one, pour-over requires the user to heat up the water in a separate container. For coffee connoisseurs, that typically means investing in a kettle that allows one to control the water temperature. This is because water temperature can affect the overall taste and quality of the brew. The pour-over method also requires the use of a gooseneck pitcher or kettle in order to swirl hot water over the grounds and wet them evenly.

The pour-over method promises better-quality coffee, but can be a bit tedious to do every day.
PHOTO BY Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao

Both methods have their pros and cons, but in a nutshell the drip-coffee machine tends to be the quicker, easier option while the pour-over is more tedious, but often results in better coffee.

The great thing about the Oceanrich Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is it combines the ease of a drip coffee maker with the more precise method of a pour-over brew. Here's how it works: First, you need to put a filter and coffee grounds into the triangular chamber in the middle. Next, heat up your water-the machine doesn't have an internal heater, which means you have control over the water temperature. Once your hot water is ready, pour it into the upper receptacle. From there, just switch the machine on and it will slowly rotate and allow the water to drip, thus swirling hot water over your coffee grounds in the way you would normally do manually when employing the pour-over method. That way, you get high-quality, full-bodied coffee with no fuss and no need for more brewing tools. Who says making great coffee needs to be hard?


The cherry on top of this hassle-free brewing method is that the device is just so pretty. Its no-frills exterior, glass details, and wooden accents would look so stylish in your home coffee nook!

Here's a closer look at this minimalist device:

This coffee maker is both #aesthetic and user-friendly.
PHOTO BY Lavida Coffee / Lazada
It's available in two colorways: Take your pick between black and white with both shades featuring light wooden accents.
PHOTO BY Lavida Coffee / Lazada
Now you can brew rich, flavorful coffee minus the fuss.
PHOTO BY Lavida Coffee / Lazada

The Oceanrich Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is available online. It normally retails for P6,805, but you can now get it for just P3,679.

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