This Dessert Is A Combination Of Cathedral Windows + Coffee Jelly

IMAGE Instagram/loveoneday

When the classic gelatin dessert Cathedral Windows is mentioned, an image of a cream-colored gelatin dome with colorful cubes comes to mind. one day, on the other hand, has a different kind of Cathedral Windows on its menu.

one day's Coffee Cathedral is a combination of two well-loved gelatin desserts, namely the Cathedral Windows and coffee jelly. According to one day, the three main ingredients used for this two-in-one gelatin dessert are coffee, milk, and gelatin.


This is a simple and ingenious way to combine these two desserts. on day turned the sweet cream of coffee jelly into a gelatin mixture, added in cubes of coffee-flavored gelatin in one container, let it cool inside the refrigerator, and you get a sliceable coffee jelly dessert!

one day's Coffee Cathedral costs P380/14x6-centimeters. You can place an order by sending them a message on Instagram.


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