There's Matcha-Flavored Milk Tea Boba In This New Shop!

You'll never get bored with their flavored tapioca!

With new milk-tea chains popping up like mushrooms all over the Metro, we almost feel like we've seen them all-but a new contender in the field has piqued our interests. OneZo Tapioca from Taiwan is coming to Manila, tentatively opening before April ends and they're bringing with them multi-flavored boba!

Different tapioca flavors also mean different, vibrant colors in your drinks!
PHOTO BY OneZo Tapioca
Level up your matcha drink with Matcha Tapioca.
PHOTO BY OneZo Tapioca
Or get your next taro drink with nata de coco and Taro Tapioca.
PHOTO BY OneZo Tapioca

Established in 2015, OneZo Tapioca makes all their boba in-house, which lets them experiment with flavors aside from the usual honey-flavored black tapioca. Some of their variants include Caramel Tapioca, Matcha Tapioca, Taro Tapioca, Mango Tapioca, and Strawberry Tapioca-which you can get as sinkers to go with their drink selection. Your next milk-tea run is bound to be exciting.

OneZo Tapioca will open at Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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