UPDATED LIST: Your Guide To Online Grocery Shopping + Food Delivery In Metro Manila

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The announcement of the Metro Manila-wide community quarantine has caused panic-buying amongst grocery shoppers—emptying shelves of food and sanitizing products. There’s definitely no need to panic buy or hoard because the government has ensured Metro Manila can still receive goods and many mall establishments and groceries will remain operating despite the quarantine. 

grocery shopping rack with food essentials
Photo by Bea Faicol

But with the strict implementation of stringent “social distancing,” one of the easier and more convenient grocery shopping options that has the least physical contact can be done through online grocery shopping. These online grocery delivery services can deliver straight to your doorstep!

Here we provide a guide to different online food delivery services that offer their services within Metro Manila. Please take note that with the surge of demand for groceries, delays with delivery are to be expected and everyone’s patience is utmost required. A friendly reminder for everyone: check out your virtual grocery cart of purchases that you only need. Don’t panic buy!

grocery shopping cart
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Online groceries:


How to order: Lander’s official website

Delivery areas: available in select Metro Manila areas only


How to order: LazMart’s official website.

Download the Lazada app: Android or iOS


Available stores: Robinsons Supermarket, S&R Membership Shopping, Rustan’s Marketplace, Shopewise, Farmer’s Market, Watsons, Generika Drugstore, Pet Express, and Pan de Manila.

How to order: download the Metromart app for Android or iOSor order via their Metromart’s official website.


How to order: download the Pushkart for Android or iOS, or order through Pushkart’s official website.

Walter Mart 

How to order: Download the Waltermart app for Android or iOS, or order through the Walter Mart official website.

pieces of meat in a bowl
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno



How to order: download the Atreena app for Android or iOSor you can order through Atreena’s Lazada store.


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CDO Foodstore Home Delivery

How to order: Order via CDO Home Delivery Facebook Messenger or by contacting (0917) 821-4550, through SMS and Viber. 

JAAM Seafoods Trading

How to order: message through Facebook

Delivery pick up points are JAAM Cubao branch and JAAM Commonwealth branch.

Limon Farms

How to order: contact (0915) 6238205 or (0927) 528-0236.

Marvs Boqueria

How to order: call or message (0917) 851-2732

Meat Depot

How to order: Paseo de Magallanes (0926) 075-5187; BF Homes, Paranaque (0926) 6474778)

Monterey (Pasig area)

How to order: call (0917) 587-8494

Pacific Bay

Website: visit Pacific Bay’s official website.

Rare Food Shop 

How to order: visit Rare Food Shop’s official website.


How to order: visit Tenderbites’ official website.

Wild Caught

How to order: message [email protected] or (0917) 539-3144 or (0920) 925-1659.

Order form: Wild Caught. 

basket full of fresh produce vegetable
Photo by courtesy of Pixabay

Fruits and Vegetables

Always Fresh PH Fruit Delivery

How to order: message Always Fresh PH’s official Facebook.


Farmville Agricultural Source Team

How to order: Quezon City: (0977) 834-7803

Manila and Pasay: (0923) 205-5043

Makati and Taguig: (0999) 888-0533, (0917) 766-6833

Pasig: (0905) 358-7934

Fresh Produce

Website: Fresh Produce’s official website 

How to order: see guidelines provided by Fresh Produce

Herbivore PH

Website: herbivore.com.ph

How to order: (0917) 162-2153

Session Groceries 

How to order: download the Session Groceries app for Android or iOSor order through the Session Groceries’ official website.

Sunbright Agribusiness Ventures

How to order: message through Facebook

Ordering days: Monday (processing and delivery on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Thursday (processing and delivery on Fridays and Saturdays)


How to order: download the Zagana app (Android) or order through the Zagana’s official website.

The Murang Gulay Shop

How to order: message The Murang Gulay Shop’s official Facebook page.

The Green Grocer Manila

How to order: visit The Green Grocer Manila’s official website.

groceries for Everyday Foods
Photo by Collage by Bea Faicol

Frozen Ulam:


What they offer: different home-cooked meals

How to order: message InstafaMEALy’s official Facebook or send a Viber message to (0917) 832-2482

Mister Delicious

What they offer: frozen restaurant-quality ulam and slow-cured meats.

How to order: visit Mister Delicious’ official website.

Tilde Cafe

What they offer: frozen ulam, baked pasta, pancit, cookies, jams, and bread

How to order: message Tilde Cafe on Instagram.

The Sexy Chef

What they offer: Heat ‘N Eat dishes that can fit your dietary needs such as a Keto or vegetarian eating lifestyle.

How to order: visit The Sexy Chef’s official website.

Chinese-Filipino dishes from Mommy China
China Mommy is known for her Chinese-Filipino dishes.
Photo by China Mommy official Facebook

Ready-made Meals


What they offer: Chinese food trays


Website: www.chinamommy.phinstagram.com/chinamommyph

How to order: Send a message at (0917) 514-8540

Jaq’s Kitchen

What they offer: spreads

Instagram handle: @jaqsktichen

How to order: (0917) 529-6918


What they offer: ready-to-eat Indian food and vegetarian options

How to order: (0917) 812-1088; P80 delivery via Kashmir bike; Lalamove and GrabExpress fees to be shouldered by the customer.

Kitchen City Frozen Meals

website: www.kitchencity.ph

Delivery areas: Makati City

Sabor de Espana

What they offer: Filipino-Spanish dishes such as callos, salpicao, and paella

How to order: Call (0917) 811-5187/ (0917) 800-7330; 2-3 days lead time for orders

Pick-up location: 170 M. Paterno, Brgy. Pasadena, San Juan City

bread loaf
Photo by Karishma Etong



Buttery & Co.

Instagram handle: @butteryandco

How to order: (0915) 333-3990 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.); orders should be placed one day in advance

Cut-off time: 4 p.m.


How to order: text or Viber (0929) 852-8286 or message Boulangerie22’s Facebook page

Cinq Dessert Boutique

Instagram handle: @cinqudessertboutique

How to order: call (0917) 833-3445

Available for take-out, pick-up, or delivery


Instagram handle: jipan_ph

How to order: send a text message to (0945) 997-1246

Cut-off time: order before 1 p.m. for same-day delivery; orders after 1 p.m. will be scheduled for the next day (closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

Tinapay Online

Facebook page: TinaPayOnline

How to order: send a message via Facebook; pre-orders only

Delivery areas: Manila, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and near Sta. Mesa area; deliveries start at 3 p.m.; minimum of 20 pieces per order


Website: www.trigo.com.ph

How to order: Call (0917) 885-7446, 02-7975-7446 for pick-up or delivery

Rice grains

Photo by ImageParty from Pixabay


Bigas PH

Website: www.bigasph.com

How to order: order online; 3-7 turnaround time for delivery

Water bottles
Photo by Coco Delivery official Facebook



What they offer: alcoholic drinks

How to order: visit Boozy.ph


What they offer: carbonated drinks (soda)

How to order: visit CokeBeverages.ph

Coco Delivery

What they offer: coconut water, fruit juice, soy milk, and Jamaican patties

How to order: dial 8-2626, (0966) 299-2626, or (0998) 845-2626

Operating hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Pure Nectar

What they offer: cold-pressed juices (perfect for juice cleanses!)

How to order: visit PureNectar.co

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