This Limited-Edition Pink + Green Oreo Is The Prettiest Oreo We've Ever Seen

IMAGE Facebook/7-Eleven Hong Kong

Two out of the many things Japan is known for are their love for matcha and their famous cherry blossoms. Now, imagine if there was a way to enjoy both all at once? That's now possible because Oreo has brought back their limited-edition flavors, the Sakura Matcha. This flavor has two cherry blossom-flavored cookies in the prettiest pastel pink color, sandwiching a green matcha cream filling.

Photo by Nabisco

Another new limited-edition Japanese-inspired flavor Oreo has released is the Oolong Peach flavor! This flavor has the typical Oreo cookie, but the filling is in this pastel orange color, and it's flavored with peach and oolong tea.

According to Food Navigator-Asia, Oreo's Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach flavors were launched by Mondelez China in May 2020. Now they're making a comeback just in time for spring in stores in Hong Kong.


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