Caramel Fans, Here's Where You Can Score This Special Oreo Flavor!

Don't forget to buy milk.

IMAGE Facebook/WalterMart Supermarket

There are many special Oreo flavors in the supermarket, like those that come in red velvet and pistachio flavors. The most recent Oreo find, Golden Oreos, are also available in the supermarket. If you're a fan of caramel and always wished Oreo had a version filled with this sweet candy, we have good news for you: Oreo Salted Caramel exists and it's available at WalterMart!

The special edition Oreos has a salted caramel-flavored creme, instead of its regular filling. This creme uses a tried-and-tested formula that combines caramel with a touch of salt to enhance the sweetness of the caramel. And just like any other Oreo flavor, this will pair perfectly with a glass of cold milk. 

Oreo Salted Caramel is available in select WalterMart Supermarket branches for P43 per 133 grams and P78 per pack of nine pieces of 28.5 grams-pack.



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