This Ube And Cheese Tart Combination Were Just Meant To Be!

Hurry! It's only available until July 30!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Just in case you need a refresher, PabloOsaka’s famous cheese tartis well known for their creamy freshly-baked cheese tarts. They have mini cheese tarts and the regular sized cheese tarts that come in the regular flavor, chocolate, and matcha. Now, they are adding a new flavor that highlights one of Philippine’s well-loved desserts: ube. Meet Pablo’s limited-edition Ube Cheese tarts (P499).


Can't get enough of ube? You need to try Pablo's ube cheese tart!


You'll be surpised to find macapuno strings inside! 


This decadent and creamy cheese tart is baked to perfection! They have seamlessly incorporated the ube to their cheese and has even added in sweet macapuno strings inside!


The ube cheese tart runs out fast and is only available until July 30! Make sure you get your hands on one!


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Who can resist the gooey, velvety taste and texture of a Pablo cheese tart?

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Indulge in a batch of gooey, decadent, sweet and salty lava cheese tarts!

For more information and branch locations, visit Pablo Cheese Tart's official website.

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