Kakanin Fans, You Won't Be Able To Resist This Bilao Of Palitaw In Assorted Flavors

You can get an order of 60 pieces for just P500!

We recently showed you this bilao of assorted kakanin you can shop now as well as this huge serving of ube mango sticky rice. If you're looking for more large platters of popular desserts, you need to check out Palitaw Cravings' Assorted Palitaw Bilao!

You can get an assortment of 35 pieces of palitaw for just P300. Each bilao holds a variety of flavors including classic, cheese, pandan, banana, ube, and mango. If you want an ever bigger serving, they also have a 60-piece platter available for P500. And in case you're just buying dessert for yourself, you can also get an eight-piece tub for P100. Whatever size you choose, the spread of vibrant colors is sure to impress your family or friends!


You can order Palitaw Cravings' Assorted Palitaw Bilao by sending a message to their Instagram page or by contacting them at (0917)-685-1120.


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