This Ice Cream Is Made For Avocado Fans

It's a guilt-free avocado dessert!

IMAGE Pan de Manila's official Facebook

Pan de Manila might be known for their freshly baked pandesal, but there's a lot more to this bread shop than bread. The shop has delicious food finds, too: there's the bottled Garlic Calamansi Sardines, Herb Cream Cheese palaman, bottled ube halaya, mango floatand guilt-free popsicles

This is the guilt-free avocado dessert for avocado fans.
Photo by Pan de Manila's official Facebook

The next time you go to Pan de Manila for bread, also look through their ice cream freezer for a pint of avocado ice cream. Pan de Manila's Avocado Ice Cream claims to have no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no coloring. One of the things any avocado fan would love about this ice cream is that it also has avocado bits mixed in the ice cream itself. 

Pan de Manila's ice cream also comes in mango and queso (cheese) flavor. This line of Pan de Manila guilt-free ice cream is considerably an affordable healthy dessert as it only comes P160 per pint.

For more information, follow Pan de Manila on Facebook.

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