Pan De Manila Came Out With Their Own Mango Float And You Need To Try It

It's only P55!

For the past few years, Pan De Manila has been slowly expanding their menu items apart from their classic panaderia favorites by introducing refreshing desserts like ice cream and fruit popsicles. Pan De Manila just added more refreshing desserts with their take on the fruity float trend: their Mango Float (P55), Avocado Float (P55), and Strawberry Float (P55) are now available in select stores.

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They have dragon fruit, fruit salad, and kiwi-flavored popsicles!

Pan De Manila's Mango Float is delicious, refreshing, and affordable!
Photo by Bea Faicol

If you haven’t fully recovered from the mango-float-in-a-cup trend last year, then you should definitely try out Pan De Manila’s version of the popular Mango Float. For a relatively affordable price, this dessert replaced the usual soft serve with sweet coconut ice cream. Of course, this wouldn’t be a mango float without chunks of graham crackers and real sweet mango bits.

Pan De Manila's Mango Float has coconut ice cream, graham crackers, and bits of mango!
Photo by Bea Faicol

For the non-mango fans, Pan De Manila’s Avocado Float is a great alternative—it's a layered dessert with coconut ice cream, graham crackers, and avocado bits on top. If you're into sweet and tart strawberries, Pan De Manila’s Strawberry Float combines coconut ice cream, graham crackers, and vibrant red mashed strawberries on top.

For more information, visit Pan De Manila’s official website and Facebook page.


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You only need a few ingredients to make this delicious mango cake!

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You can make your own delicious mango float ice cream!

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