You Can Add An Extra Dish To Your Meal For Only P45 At Pancake House

It's super sulit!

Looking for ways to stretch your sweldo? On your next visit to Pancake House, go for Pancake House's House Special Set that includes a piece of pan-fried chicken, spaghetti with a slice of toasted bread, and a taco, so you can enjoy the extra satisfying and filling P45 Add-On Promo.

Photo by Pancake House

Pancake House's P45 Add-On Promo lets you choose between four delicious dishes to add to your House Special Set. There's the fluffy golden Mini Classic Pancakes or the crisp Golden Brown Waffle you can pair with your pan-fried chicken. You can also choose to add a comforting bowl of Today's Heartwarming Soup as an appetizer or you can add a creamy Milkshake Upgrade for a refreshing dessert.

Pancake House's P45 Add-On Promo is valid for dine-in purchases only until October 31, 2019 in all participating branches nationwide.

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