Pancake For Merienda? Check Out Pancake House’s New Bite-Sized Pancakes

Pancake for merienda because why not!

IMAGE Facebook/Pancake House

There's nothing quite like starting the day with a stack of pancakes slathered with butter and drenched with syrup, but who says pancakes are only for breakfast? If you find yourself craving pancakes for merienda or past dinner, you should try Pancake House's new item on the menu: Pancake Bites.

The Pancake Bites are fluffy bite-sized pancakes that are fried just right so that the outside is a little crispy while the inside is soft and moist. Pancake House offers it in three different flavors: Classic (P89/10 pieces), Blueberry (P99/10 pieces), and Country Sausage (P99/10 pieces). 

The Pancake Bites in Blueberry have blueberry jam inside, while the Pancake Bites in Country Sausage is the savory option out of the bunch as it has bite-sized sausages in the center of the pancake ball.

Pancake House's Pancake Bites are available starting April 1, 2021 at select Pancake House stores only. You can also order it for delivery via Pancake House's website, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Mangan, and OrderMo.



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