Bring Food If You Want To Visit Bohol's Virgin Island Because Food Vendors Are Now Banned

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Food vendors are now banned from the Virgin Island in Bohol. This is following the investigation of the local government into the now-viral photo of a receipt from one of the food vendors that amounted to over P26,000. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer report, the local government decided to ban all food vendors from the island because of overpricing. Moreover, the food vendors have been declared "illegal" since none of the stalls have business permits. This was the decision issued last August 3. 

"Tourists come here, not only because of our beautiful beaches, but also because of honest people. If food prices are overpriced, no one will visit Panglao again," said Mayor Edgardo "Boy" Arcay. He said the decision of the local government is meant to maintain the tourism industry of the province.

The local government found that the Virgin Island food vendors were selling overpriced food.
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Just in case you didn't know, the food vendor issue began with the social media post of Vilma Uy who posted the now-viral photo on behalf of a friend. The receipt was from one of the vendors from Panglao's Virgin Island. The issue wasn't the receipt itself which was really just a list of ingredients and food written down on a sheet of 1/4 pad paper.

The amount paid was what was startling: P26,000+. 

While the seafood meal was good for over 10 people, the amount was still high enough to prompt an investigation into the reasons behind the high price of food. This is similar to the commotion that the turon price of an Amanpulo resort menu that sells the humble Filipino street food for a whopping P750 created earlier this year. 

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