This Underrated Laksa Is The Answer To Your Petsa De Peligro Cravings

Paotsin is a place where people turn to if they want affordable Chinese comfort food. While they're famous for their delicious dim sum and green rice pairing, one delicious dish that tends to be overlooked is their laksa

Paotsin's underrated laksa comes with different meats, but all use the same spicy, coconut-y laksa soup. If you want it with their bestselling dim sum, you can go for the Steamed Dumplings with Laksa (P105).  But if you want it meatier, there's the Crackling Pork with Laksa (P135), Crispy Porkchop with Laksa (P175), and the Asian Chicken with Laksa (P130).

We love how the crackling pork is so juicy and adds a delicious crunch.
Photo by Bea Faicol

What we love about Paotsin's laksa is how flavorful it is. The spiciness and the nuttiness are balanced, the rice noodles have a bite to them, the crackling pork (the laksa bowl variant that we got) is juicy, and the salted egg adds a deeper flavor to the broth.

Sure, this is not as good as the laksa sold in high-end restaurants, but for laksa that won't cost you more than 200 Pesos, Paotsin's version is very, very, very much worth every sip. You get what you pay for, plus a little more.

Photo by Bea Faicol
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And because there's nothing more Pinoy than pairing noodles with rice, you should also try pairing the laksa with Paotsin's Hainanese Rice (P42). It soaks up the broth well and it pairs perfectly with your meat of choice, especially the crackling pork that just demands to be eaten with rice. 

Complete your hearty meal with a cup of Paotsin's Buko Pandan (P37/12oz, P40/16oz, P44/22oz) while you're at it! Even if the laksa isn't as spicy as you might want it to be, you'll definitely love the tinge of sweetness this refreshing drink brings to the meal. 

*Paotsin Laksa prices are based on GrabFood. If you buy it in stores, it's cheaper!


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