We Bet You've Never Had Sampaguita-Flavored Ice Cream Before

Imagine eating an icy and creamy treat named with the flavors of a flower. 

That's exactly what Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream created with their six new summer ice cream flavors. The collection, called Summer Blooms, is now available at Papa Diddi branches. 

This delicately-hued ice cream is courtesy of the blue butterfly pea flower.
Photo courtesy of Papa Diddi Handcrafted Ice Cream

Papa Diddi specializes in making ice cream from locally-sourced ingredients. That means all of its ingredients are inherently familiar to many of our taste buds or at the very least, our senses.  

One of its more unique flavors is the White Summer Lei ice cream. This is the ice cream shop's Davao white chocolate ice cream infused with the scent and aroma of the national flower, the sampaguita. If you're worried that the powerful scent of the flower might overwhelm your senses, don't be scared. The creaminess of both the white chocolate and the carabao milk are enough to calm what could be a too powerful flavor from the flower, and it's quite delicious, rich in flavor, and surprisingly, refreshing. 

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This creamy Davao white chocolate ice cream infused with sampaguita is best served in a rice crispy nest.
Photo courtesy of Papa Diddi Handcrafted ice Cream

Named the Blue Butterfly, another summer flavor made from Papa Diddi's carabao milk ice cream is infused with tea made from the dried leaves and petals of a color-changing flower, changing it into a pretty pastel blue ice cream. The dried blue butterfly pea flowers give its light blue color and it tastes just as light as its color suggests, but it also has hints of tea flavors from the dried pea flower leaves.

Honey and sunflower seeds are responsible for the warm flavors in this ice cream.
Photo by courtesy of Papa Diddi Handcrafted Ice Cream

If you love nutty flavors, then the Honey Sunflower Seed ice cream is what you should try. Sweet honey-flavored ice cream is the perfect foil to nutty sunflower seeds. What makes this ice cream particularly flavorful is the fact that the sunflower seeds have been toasted and then coated in honey, creating a full-flavored taste. It's fantastic when served as an affogato. 

The other three flavors available this summer are Manguavo, a mango and guava ice cream combo that's delicious pressed into a brioche bun; Squash Blossoms, a kalabasa-infused ice cream with a hint of cinnamon; and Roselle's Embrace, a hibiscus flower-infused ice cream with a hint of tanginess offset by chunks of salty-sharp cheddar cheese. A seventh flavor for the summer is exclusive to its pint subscribers only and won't be available in its shops.     

Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream is located at 168 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Visit Papa Diddis Handcrafted Ice Cream on Facebook for a full listing of their branches. 




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