Paper Moon Cafe Now Serves Cheese Milk Tea!

Enjoy it with a slice of their crepe cake!

Paper Moon Café is known for their signature Mille Crepe, a cake made with layers upon layers of extra thin crepes with a light filling in between. These crepe cakes also come in ube, mango, tiramisu, and blueberry flavors. 

Photo by Paper Moon Cafe Philippines

Another reason to go to Paper Moon Café is the latest addition of everyone's favorite drink to their menu: Milk Tea! Paper Moon Café has three flavors to choose from, the Classic Milk Tea (P120) which is made with a premium blend of fresh tea leaves and tapioca pearls, the Cheese Milk Tea (P130) that's made with tea, homemade cheese mousse, and tapioca pearls, and the Oreo Milk Tea (P145) that's made with homemade Oreo cheesecake cream, tapioca pearls, and topped with salty cream and Oreo crumbs.

Which flavor would you like to try first?
Photo by Paper Moon Cafe Philippines

Just like your run-of-the-mill milk tea shop, Paper Moon Café lets you customize your beverage. You can add more cream cheese and tapioca (because why not!), but you can't adjust the sugar level because the milk tea is brewed beforehand to ensure quality and consistency.


Paper Moon Café's Milk Teas are available at Paper Moon Café branches for a limited time only.

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