This Pastillas De Leche Ice Cream Cake Is Now Available For Delivery

Love a good milky, creamy dessert?

IMAGE courtesy of Sebastian's

Who doesn't love milky pastillas? Now imagine it as an ice cream cake: freshly baked tres leches cake soaked in condensed milk and milk infused with dayap zest. The milky cake is then layered with condensed milk ice cream with miniature pastillas and a white chocolate drizzle. It's every milk fan's dream dessert!

Sebastian's Ice Cream's Pastillas De Leche Ice Cream Cake is the current ice cream cake of the month and it's available as a 9-inch cake (P1,650) and in slices (P155 per slice) for delivery and pick-up.

Photo by courtesy of Sebastian's Ice Cream

If you also love a good fruity frozen treat, don't miss out on Sebastian's fruitsicle sorbet bars which come in new refreshing flavors. The Mango Raspberry bar has equal sweet and tart flavors which make for a bold-flavored icy treat; the Triple Melon is for melon fans because it's made with Watermelon, Honeydew Melon, and Japanese Melon sorbet all in one refreshing treat.

The Buko Passionfruit bar is made with buko juice and when coupled with sweet passionfruit, it makes for a creamy dessert that's both familiar and new. If you like your desserts a little less sweet, the Kamias-flavored fruitsicle delivers on that refreshing mixture of sour and sweet.

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You may order via for delivery or pick-up. 


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