Contribute To The Typhoon Karding Food Drive By Donating These Ingredients

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If you're looking for a way to contribute to the efforts helping those affected by Typhoon Karding, you can volunteer at a number of organizations and government agencies, provide donations in kind in the form of food and emergency supplies, or fund the drive to feed the displaced people and those working with them with the one who stared the community pantry movement during the pandemic

The effort started by Patricia Non (or Patreng Non) along Maginhawa Street, Quezon City has continued beyond the pandemic and has included helping those during the last typhoon Odette. This time, she's helping her fellows through a feeding program.

For Typhoon Karding, she posted on her Facebook account a Suggested Market List of ingredients that she will need to provide food for those affected by the typhoon and those helping those who need help. 


Her market list includes ingredients for the following dishes: 

  • • sopas 
  • • lomi
  • • champorado
  • • misua soup 
  • • lugaw
  • • monggo 

The ingredients for these dishes however might be a challenge since each of these dishes will feed as many as 150 to 200 people. That's a lot of people to feed and a lot of ingredients will be needed. 

Patricia Non needs 5 kg of monggo beans to make at leas 150 servings!
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The ingredients themselves will cost well over P1000+ for each dish that will be made, not counting the basic cooking ingredients of salt, pepper, and cooking oil. That's six dishes she's planning. 

Want to help her out by donating ingredients or even donating financially to help buy the ingredients? Ingredients include macaroni, noodles, chickens, pork, rice, monggo or mung beans, several vegetables, and other common ingredients for these dishes. 

Here is the estimated cost* of each dish according to Patricia Non's market list: 

  • • sopas = P1,763
  • lomi = P1,637
  • champorado = P1,134
  • misua soup = P1,079
  • lugaw = P1,416
  • monggo = P1,021

These prices also don't include the optional ingredients such as the margarine for the sopas, the additional 20 trays (or 720 pieces) of eggs, 500 pieces of saba bananas, and the patis (fish sauce) and beef broth cubes that can make these dishes even more tasty and appetizing. 


Whatever you choose, your donations can be a big help whether it's in cash or in kind! You can find more ways to help with these calls for donations here

Donations in kind for Non's donation drive can be dropped off at the Fil Garcia Tower Kalayaan St., Quezon City or you can also help fund it through her GCash account (09451454390) or bank account, according to Non's post. 

* The prices of these ingredients were sourced from the September 22 Bantay Presyo report by the Department of Agriculture, its E-Kadiwa Online store, and the Robinsons Supermarket via GoCart and are subject to change without notice. Prices are stated as of publishing. 


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