Pepsi Blue Is Back And You Won't Believe Where This Pinay Found It

IMAGE Ate Den on Facebook

Just in case you missed the memo, especially sa mga batang '90s, your childhood favorite Pepsi Blue came back into production last year and it is, slowly but surely, starting to make appearances in stores in the Philippines.

Ate Den, a blogger who recently went to San Juan, La Union, found a bottle of the berry-flavored Pepsi Blue in a carinderia right beside a Mercury Drugstore in the surf town. She bought it for P12 a bottle, then they transferred it into a plastic pouch with a plastic straw.


Ate Den's Facebook post about her Pepsi Blue discovery has gone viral with thousands of shares. Aside from the inside jokes about the "umutot ng kulay blue" (farted color blue), that was made to fit the tune of Kelly Rowland and Nelly's hit song Dilemma, multiple comments on the post are saying that you can usually find a bottle of the nostalgic Pepsi Blue in sari-sari stores.

If there's a sari-sari store nearby where you live or where you work, it wouldn't hurt to take a chance and see if they do have Pepsi Blue. It's going to be easy anyway to spot it, as the blueness of Pepsi Blue is really vibrant that you can see it from afar.

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If you also have other fond memories of other Pepsi flavors, don't worry as these flavors are easy to find. S&R Membership Shopping is one of the supermarkets you can score a bottle of Pepsi Vanilla and Pepsi Raspberry.

While on Shopee-verse, you can also find Pepsi Lime, Pepsi White Peach Oolong, and a special Pepsi Osmanthus. On the Pepsi website, there's also a Pepsi Mango we have yet to see in our supermarket aisles, online stores, or refrigerators at carinderias.

Now the important question is: Is a Pepsi Twist Philippine comeback also in the cards? Hopefully, the stars align.


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