OMG, We Found Pik-Nik Potato Chips In The Supermarket!

Move over, potato shoestrings.

Pik-Nik is one of those classic chips we loved as a kid (and, admittedly, we still love until now!). It's the crunchy potato shoestrings that come in various can sizes and comes in classic to Less Salty, Cheddar, and Ketchup flavors. Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but one of the new things in the snack aisle of your fave grocery is another Pik-Nik favorite, but this time, in the form of potato chips.

Photo by Lazada

Meet Pik-Nik's Sriracha Ranch potato chips. These are not made with the same thick potato shoestrings but with thin-cut potato chips that easily crumble in the mouth. If you have a high tolerance for spicy food, you might like this because it doesn't skimp on the Sriracha flavors.

For your next movie marathon, grab Pik-Nik's Sriracha Ranch potato chips (P85) at Metro Supermarket.

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