Ice Cream Flavors Worth Trying: Leche Flan, Bicol Express, and More

These ice cream flavors are local favorites!

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Some scoops of ice cream are just really, really worth the brain freeze. These ice cream-makers go above and beyond by getting creative with local flavors and ingredients—we spotted leche flan, Bicol express, and calamansi! 


1  Leche Flan

Manila Creamery is known for their funky gelato creations, and we're especially happy about a creamy, dreamy leche flan flavor! Have you tried their mangga't suman, salted egg cheesecake, and turon flavors yet? Pop into U.P. Town Center for a scoop or two! 


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Manila Creamery founders Paolo Reyes and Jason Go battle it out in a great holiday-themed Gelato Shake Challenge!



2  Calamansi and Candied Pili

Fog City Creamery's sweet and tart ice cream has texture from crunchy, buttery pili. 


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The only thing better than ice cream on a cone or a dish is ice cream in between two cookies, waffles or donuts!




3  Avocado Macchiato

Magnolia's Best of the Philippines collection of ice cream boasts favorite flavors from different regions of the Philippines. These flavors include kesong puti and macapuno langka, among others. 



4  Ube Velvet

Bono Gelato nails this ube ice cream flavor by making it extra smooth and silky! 


5  Bicol Express

Sangkap's ice cream menu is a dream for adventurous eaters! Would you eat this sweet and spicy coconut milk and chili pepper combo? Sangkap's other fun Filipino flavors include palitaw, calamansi, and champorado



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There is no better way to cool down than to indulge in several scoops of ice cream.

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Nothing screams cool comfort like a tall glass of ice cold fizzy soda with a scoop or two of ice cream!


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