All The New Plant-Based Fast Food Burgers You Can Have Delivered Right Now

There's more than just Burger King's new plant-based Whopper.

Could it be that plant-based meats are the next food trend this quarantine? Vegetarianism and veganism have always existed, but this food trend could possibly be because of COVID-19. As people grow more afraid of animal-borne diseases, they are swapping their meat with faux meat that’s made with ingredients sourced from plants but are made to taste the same, feel the same as regular meat.

Fast food giants like McDonald’s and KFC have recently included plant-based meats on their menu: McDonald’s has a plant-based burger while KFC has plant-based chicken (these are not available in the Philippines). During this quarantine as well, a plant-based version of luncheon meat called Omnipork Luncheon was introduced in Hong Kong and is now sold in the Philippines via Whole Mart. Even San Miguel Foods launched Veegaplant-based meats in supermarkets nationwide.

Whether if you’re planning to switch to a plant-based lifestyle or if you’re genuinely curious if plant-based meat can pass off as real meat, here are the new plant-based burgers in the Philippines you can have delivered to your doorstep right now:

Plant-Based Burgers in the Philippines

Burger King: Plant-Based Whopper

Burger King: Plant-Based Whopper
Photo by Facebook/Burger King Philippines

One that’s all over social media is Burger King’s new Plant-Based Whopper. The plant-based patty was made from Australia’s plant-based company V2Food. The patty flame-grilled that’s mainly made with soy protein is sandwiched in between buns and tastier with fresh vegetables and mayonnaise.


Do take note that the plant-based patties are cooked on the same broilers as the meat patties, which means it’s not Halal and not exactly 100% vegan or vegetarian. This also uses regular mayonnaise which isn’t vegan-friendly. 

You can order Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper (starting price P89) in Metro Manila and Luzon stores. It’s available for dine-in, take out, drive-thru, or for delivery via GrabFood, Foodpanda, and LalaFood.

Shakey’s: Goood Burger and Goood Goood Burger

Shakey's: Goood Burger and Goood Goood Burger
Photo by Shakey’s

If you want something completely vegan, Shakey’s also recently launched a “Goood Good Burger” on the menu. According to their post, this burger is 100% meat-free, cheese-free, and therefore, guilt-free as well.

The Goood Burger is made with a plant-based patty, tomatoes, cucumber, white onions, pickles, a vegan Thousand Island dressing, ketchup, and sandwiched in between buns. They also have a Goood Goood Burger that has the same ingredients but instead of using buns, it’s sandwiched in between crisp lettuce wraps. 


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You can order Shakey’s Goood Burger and Goood Goood Burger (P185) via Shakey’s website, Shakey’s Facebook Messenger, or call their hotline at 7777-7777.

Zark’s Burgers: Veega Burger

Zark's Burgers: Veega Burger
Photo by Facebook/Zark’s Burger

For the vegetarians out there, Zark’s also launched a plant-based burger called the V Burger early this September. This burger is made with local plant-based meat Veega (yes, the same one by San Miguel Foods), and is topped with cheddar cheese, garlic ranch sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce that are all sandwiched in between brioche buns.

Zark’s Veega Burger costs P139, but you have the choice of adding more patties to make it more filling. You can have a double patty Veega Burger for P219 and a triple patty Veega Burger for P299.

You can order Zark’s Veega Burger when you dine-in, take out, or have it delivered via GrabFood, Foodpanda, or LalaFood.



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