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A vacation at the Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Mactan, Cebu may have new meaning after recent statements from its general manager drew fire from several fronts.

If you're already booked at the resort, you may have a few things to look forward to during your vacay, including having to dine in at least once or twice during your stay. You have four food options to choose from inside the large resort: the Kilimanjaro Kafe, Fiji Restaurant, Palermo Cafe and Bar, and Route 66 Diner. There's even an ice cream parlor-slash-night club atop the Kafe called Alien Abduction

We took a look at the downloadable menus of its restaurants from its website to see what each had to offer. Each restaurant boasts of special menu items that have colorful descriptions. Here are some of the descriptions of dishes that might encourage you (or not) to order the dishes:

Dish Recommendation Warning

Photo by official Plantation Bay website

At Kilimanjaro Kafe, care is taken to make sure you're aware of what you're putting into your body. The icons beside dish names are there to help you decide whether it's a dish that's recommended by the chef, by the spa, or is a dish that's "rich, oily, or fatty" for your diet.

French Split Pea and Ham and New England Clam Chowder Soups 

Photo by official Plantation Bay website
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There are a few dishes you'll find on the menus that claim to be as good or better than the original, including the French Split Pea and Ham Soup (P180) and its New England Clam Chowder (P180). The flavors of the Jamon Serrano, a dry-cured ham popular as tapas, and the long cooking process is claimed to be responsible for the improvements in the split pea soup while the chowder relies on imported Chilean razor clams and a quick saute of the bacon to give it its superior flavor.

British Mulligatawny

Photo by official Plantation Bay website

English cuisine is rife with Indian-inspired dishes, but if you're wondering if Indian cuisine has soup, the description claims that this is what it would taste like. This soup called the British Mulligatawny (P180) will deliver the flavors of Indian cuisine you might be missing in a soup dish together with the heartening knowledge you're should feel better about yourself since it contains spinach.

Globetrotter Ham And Eggs 

Photo by official Plantation Bay website

If you are dining at the Route 66 Diner, there is one dish that will take your taste buds on a world tour: the Globetrotter Ham & Eggs (P480). It's a loaded breakfast plate that combines ingredients sourced from different countries. You'll taste the flavors of Spain in the eggs, China in the ham, France in the fries, Italy in the oil, and finally, the Philippines in the way it's cooked and combined into one dish that's meant to be memorable.

Roman-Style Carbonara and Maccheroni Al Tre Formaggi Pastas 

Photo by official Plantation Bay website

At the Palermo Cafe and Bar, you'll find authentic "Roman-Style Carbonara" (P550) on the menu. However, if you order this popular pasta, don't expect a Pinoy-style carbonara. You need to be aware that Roman-style this refers to its no-cream pasta sauce that many Pinoys are familiar with, so if you're looking for creamy pasta, this isn't the pasta you want. The Maccheroni Al Tre Formaggi (P550) or three-cheese macaroni dish might be more to your taste. (Don't be surprised that the macaroni is not the common elbow macaroni shape.)

Steak Doneness Suggestion

Photo by Plantation Bay website

Steak (starting P1,800) will always be a popular menu item at vacation spots. These hearty cuts of meat are the ultimate leisure meal items! However, for those who desire their steaks cooked to either rare or well done, you are highly encouraged to refrain from ordering the steak to avoid wasting a good steak. Ultimately, "it's up to you".

Croque Whatever

Photo by official Plantation Bay website

Sandwiches make lovely snacks. Anyone who has tried to glorify a simple grilled cheese sandwich has encountered either the Croque Madame or the Croque Monsieur. Both sandwiches are decadent towers of ham, cheese, and other ingredients between two savory French toast slices. The difference between these two sandwiches is basically the fried sunny-side-up egg on the Madame. If you become tongue twisted trying to order the "Croque Monsieur", you're not alone. You can just order the Croque Whatever (P420), with or without an egg.


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