Love Haw Haw? Here's A Doughnut Inspired By The Milky Candy

Inspired by retro Pinoy sweets, these doughnuts deliver a whole lotta nostalgia.

Remember how much simpler things were in your younger years? Whenever life got way too complicated, you could always turn to a sugary treat to make things better! So it's no surprise that even as adults today, we find ourselves turning back to classic Pinoy candies from time to time to soothe our emotional wounds.

But in the name of going for even bigger and more indulgent heights, it's time you considered other spinoff treats that showcase nostalgic candies and snacks in an even more drool-worthy light. Case in point: Poison Coffee & Doughnuts' newest flavors, which are patterned after nostalgic confections like Haw Haw, Choc Nut, and Iced Gems!

Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts
Cue memories of Spice Girls' Wannabe playing on MTV in the background.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Yup, Poison Doughnuts' new Pinoy Candy-flavored doughnuts are inspired by classic Filipino sweet treats and they're bound to bring you back to the good ol' days of your childhood. There's the Chocnut doughnut (P95) which interprets the chocolate-peanut candy of the same name as a doughnut with a Choc Nut glaze and salted Choc Nut crumble as its crowning glory. Prefer the dairy-forward taste of Haw Haw? Go for the Hawhaw doughnut (P95), which is similarly glazed and topped with bits of the famous milk candy, along with a ring of whipped cream.

Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, choc nut
Choc Nut's chocolatey-nutty profile gets balanced out by a touch of salt in the surrounding Choc Nut crumble.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
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Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, hawhaw
The milky profile of Haw Haw makes for a one-of-a-kind, tres leches-esque doughnut.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Should you be in for a brighter, fruitier, bite, the Potchi doughnut (P95), patterned after the gummy candy of the same name, has got your back. It's filled with a lush strawberry Potchi cream, and topped with crushed freeze-dried strawberries for a pop of real-deal berry flavor and tartness. For a more straightforward milk-chocolatey treat, go for the Curly Tops doughnut (P95), what with its Curly Top glaze, squiggles of Curly Tops around the edges, and coffee-custard filling for added depth.

Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, potchi
Go for a more vibrant-tasting, fruity treat with the Potchi doughnut.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, curly tops
Creamy ol' Curly Tops gets the doughnut treatment, with a touch of coffee in the custard filling to add just enough depth.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Nostalgic Filipino sweet biscuits get the doughnut treatment, too. The Choco Mallows (P95) comes topped with a cacao-tinged whipped cream and a whole blob of fluffy marshmallows, before being coated in dark chocolate. Perhaps the most awe-inducing of the lot is the Iced Gems (P95), which delivers the look and taste of the well-loved snack with its vanilla biscuit spread filling and colorful meringue topping.

Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, choco mallows
Imagine sinking your teeth into that fluffy blob of marshmallow. *Heavy breathing*
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
Poison Doughnuts, pinoy candy-themed doughnuts, iced gems
We can't help but squeal at how the Iced Gems doughnut looks just like the OG-but blown up in size!
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Doughnuts, of course, are best paired with a good beverage and though you can opt to serve these pastries with one of Poison's classic cups or bottles of joe, like the Bottled Americano (P150) or Bottled Café Latte (P170), we say consider one of the new Pinoy candy-themed drinks Poison's also come up with.


The Chocnut Iced Latte (P180) balances out their nutty Choc Nut syrup and milk with coffee made from Yardstick Golden Ticket coffee beans, while the Potchi Strawberry Milk (P180) is a real creamy treat with Haw Haw milk and a topping of Haw Haw powder. On the ultra-whimsical end of the spectrum is the Potchi Strawberry Milk (P180), which gives you the fruity-rich profile of strawberries and cream in every sip.

Poison Doughnuts pinoy candy-themed drinks
These doughnuts are best paired with their new Pinoy candy-themed beverages.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

Mouth watering yet? You can try these doughnuts for yourself by heading over to the Poison section of Tasteless Food Group's website, or by heading over to Poison's website. Alternatively, you can also find Poison Doughnuts on GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo. 

For more information, check out Poison Doughnuts' Facebook page.

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