These Fluffy Pancakes Are Best Served With Its Fried Chicken!

Drizzle all over with lots of honey!

IMAGE Facebook/Popeye's Philippines

If you thought you missed their biscuits, then you'll surely miss out if you don't try Popeye's NEW Fluffy Pancakes

Standing tall and round, these pancakes are not your ordinary fast-food pancakes. Just like their biscuits, these look like round pucks but instead of being flaky and buttery in texture, these are light and oh-so-fluffy-soft!


That's because these are very similar to the Japanese-style pancakes, also known as soufflé pancakes which are made with whipped egg whites folded into the pancake batter instead of just mixing it in like you would in a traditional pancake batter recipe. The result of this extra step with the egg whites is pillowy soft pancakes! Popeye's recommends these pancakes be served as is with honey drizzled on top, just like their biscuits, but can also be served with their signature fried chicken or topped with soft-serve ice cream or ala mode

What's your craving going to be: savory or sweet? Order it together with your pairing of choice starting at P79 per fluffy pancake. 

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Popeyes' Fluffy Pancakes are available in stores and for delivery via GrabFood.


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